Turning 22

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm not going to lie... I now feel like an adult. Turning 21 last year just didn't effect me, but now that I'm 22 I officially feel like I have more responsibility and have to act a but more 'mature'.. which isn't as much fun! 
Anyway, now that we have that little rant out of the way... This is the outfit I worn on my birthday last weekend out clubbing. It was the perfect balance of elegant, chic and fun. It was a bit chilly that night but dancing non-stop really helped me warm up. Okay, I'm off to go do some adult things - aka go to work hehe ;) 

/ Top from Dissh, HERE / Skirt from Dissh, HERE/ Heels from Lipstik / Michael Kors from NYC /

instagram @emmaattard

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