Sunday, January 20, 2013

Faux leather on leather that is.. I would never wear real leather or real fur.. I just cant justify killing precious animals just so we can wear their skin.. and on that note, I'm pretty sure I'm turning vegetarian! Every time I go out for a meal I always go for a salad or fries.. I dont like eating steak anymore when mum makes it.., maybe its just because I am to lazy to chew the meat.. or maybe I'm just going off it. When you think about it.. if you had to actually KILL the animal for a meal.. would you do it?! I feel instantly ill thinking about killing an animal just so we can consume it. There's no way I would ever do it, I would probably be the one trying to protect it.. Anyway, back to the outfit.. Yes, I love faux leather.. its just very rare that you can wear it during summer.. but today wasn't to bad.

jackets: H&M, t-shirt: sportsgirl, shorts: Romwe, boots: Choies

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