Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm not going to lie.. I really dont enjoy Australian Summers.. not only is it hot but its mostly humidity! Which makes it a million times worse! I honestly cant wait for cooler weather, where I can wear trousers and jackets and actually layer clothing instead of only wearing a crop top and shorts and be dripping with sweat even when your sitting still! (that's before we got air-con - thank the lord! i dont know how much longer I would have lasted without it..). Trying to put outfits togerther in this heat is definitely a challenge, but this cool silk top wasn't too bad. It is thin enough to let the air in without me overheating. And yes... I have been living in these shorts (well all of my shorts) this summer. I should probably invest in some skirts huh..

 top: valleygirl, shorts:, heels:, jewelry: adorne

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