Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Simplicity. Thats basically how you can sum up my style, well.. at least during summer! I'm so excited for them colder days where I can layer clothing.. but for now, its back to the basic's. It's quite funny actually how I live in shorts.. A few months ago my uncle came up from Melbourne and he was surprised that I didn't wear dresses - mind you, he is a bit old fashioned and thinks shorts on a girl is wrong and that we women should be wearing dresses and skirts and anything else girly.. But I am a shorts girl.. I love all kinds of shorts, but this year I will be experimenting with different types of bottoms, like trousers, skirts and dresses because I want to expand my wardrobe and not only live in shorts. Who likes short shorts? isn't it obvious..

top and boots - choies, shorts - romwe

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  1. not angry bird, but angry dog! nice shirt! :-) I like!