Sunday, May 12, 2013

New York City. The city of dreams. Here are photos that I took while on my 10 day adventure in Nyc. These photos don't do this city justice. I had such an amazing time there. 

Some of the things I loved most was the skyscraper buildings, the constant honking of horns, the taxi's, the grid system (even though we got lost a few times) how when you look right up an avenue, you can see the horizon because all the buildings are alined, how each part of the city is different, how there is a Starbucks on nearly every corner, how the makeup was cheaper (so I stocked up!!), how anyone can wear whatever they like and wont be judged by it, the people - whoever said that Americans are the rudest people on earth are 110% wrong! I went there expecting to be spoken rudely too but every single american I made contact with was so, so lovely! If someone bumped into you they would apologise immediately, they held doors open for you, my cousin dropped one of her shopping bags and a cute american guy helped her pick it up.. when we went to a Yankees game we accidentally dropped one of our tickets and a lovely lady found it and gave it in to the ticket guy who then handed it back to us.. How old the city is, the subway, the cute old fashioned cafe's, times square, central park, the entire atmosphere was just amazing.

The things I didn't like about Nyc was that I broke our in rashes on my legs.. i'm guessing its from all the pollution in the city because as soon as I got back to Australia my legs cleared up. I also didn't like the wind.. and how much chiller it is then here in Australia! I will talk more about the cold in my next post which will include out 2 day trip to Niagara Falls, so stay tuned! I have also made a video with all the footage I filmed while I was there so I will link it down the bottom of this post!

My NYC holiday video