Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NewYork feels like a lifetime ago. Walking through the avenues, getting 2cm away from the adorable little squirrels, taking a boat around the island and seeing all the beautiful views, experiencing a yankees game.. I even bought a jersey as a souvenir from it! We were so high up and it was absolutely freezing! We only stayed for half the game because I was loosing feeling in my fingers, but I absolutely LOVED the atmosphere and loved how much everyone got into the game! I even had a hotdog there haha! Such a great experience.. and the amount of cute american guys that was there was ridicules! 

Times Square at night is magical. I didn't really like it when it was super busy, but when it calmed down and there were few people there, I could really enjoy it. We watched a movie there too, and it was awesome. I cant wait to go back there one day!