Saturday, January 5, 2013

necklace: adnorne, t-shirt: sportsgirl, shorts: oneteaspoon

Today was great! Me and mum went to the airport at  7:00am to pick my beautiful sister and my new brother in law up from their 6 week long honeymoon (I know, 6 freakin' weeks!) and then spent hours listening to all their story's (p.s, STILL editing their wedding photographs, but you can check out the ones i've already finished on my facebook fan page!) I then dropped them off home and did a bit of shopping and picked up a new pair of NIKE trainers as my old pair was falling to pieces.. you cant walk 3 dogs with no shoes ;)

I think I will cut up my credit card or even give it to my mum for the next 12 weeks until my holiday to New York City! I really should be paying it off and saving but there are so many things I want! Gahh, no more shopping! 

also, I will finally be finishing off my England trip video within the next few days and will be uploading it onto my YouTube channel! Keep an eye out for it - yes i know, my trip to England was back in June... I'm so lazy.


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  1. Dear Emma.
    I've just found your blog; and I completely fail to understand why it doesn't attract any comments. First of all, I love the cool natural beauty of your face. It's almost 'love-it-first-sight'-material; and could, if you ask me, in itself be the main attraction of your blog. Secondly, you seem to have a style that is deceptively simple, but still chic in its casual elegance. And finally, from a guy's perspective, I have to tell you how much I adore the luxurious feminine curves of your high-heeled legs.
    You are fascinating, beautiful, and (in some wonderfully understated way) sooo sexy.
    Kisses and compliments from Denmark.