Wednesday, January 2, 2013

top -, shorts - mombasa,  heels -, necklace - Adorne

This is what i wore out clubbing, it was so hot on the main dance floor so i'm glad I didn't wear a dress! These shorts! I cant get enough of them! They are so cute! So in love :)

2012 was a hell of a year. I shot my first 2 weddings - a client one and my sisters one (still editing the photographs), booked in 4 more weddings for 2012, planned my trip to NYC, got my 5D Mark II, got a bunch of new lenses for it, went to Stereosonic and so much more! 

2013 IS going to be my year. My new years resolution is to become a Full-time Photographer, and I'm going to make it happen! I cant stand retail any longer. The fact that I already have 4 weddings booked is so exciting! I just need that constant income coming through, so I will need to do some research on how to really sell my work and get more clients.

  I am so excited for it all! Mostly for visiting New York City! I can see myself moving there for 6 months for work. I just need to experience it and go traveling around the world while I am young. And I will hopefully be meeting 2 of my favourite photographers! SO EXCITED!

 Bring on 2013!

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