Extension tube EF25 II

Thursday, April 5, 2012

 (the above photo was taken with my iPad and uploaded onto my instagram. i post more than once a day on there so for daily updates, follow me (: username: emmaattard)

Wow, long time no blog! Sorry I've been kind of.. lazy lately. I've been super busy with partying and working and slooowwwllyy but surely starting my photography business! but I will be updating more now that I have more free time!

About two weeks ago I bought this Extension tube EF25 II and it finally arrived today! I am so excited because now I can post-pone buying a macro lens! This will be perfect for the wedding I have coming up in June and my trip to England! (Oh yeah, I forgot to blog.. but I am going to England from the 14th of June until the 12th of July and I am so freaking overly excited for it! I finally get to see all my family again after my last holiday back there 6 years ago!) I will be taking thousands of photos and shopping until my heart stops! I wish Australia had amazing shops like the UK and US! Anyway, yeah. I cant wait to have a play around with it and see how the photos turn out! I've already done a test run with it and the first photo was taken with my 50mm 1.8 without the extension tube, and then the below two photos were taken with the extension tube attached. I couldnt get any closer without it and I must say.. it was definitely worth the money!! I am very happy with it (:

Anyway, I shall blog again in a day or two.
Hope everyone is having a great Easter! 


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