Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Top & Shorts: Minkpink | Boots: Dr. Martens

Finally getting to blog about my outfit for Stereosonic! Not going to lie, I had the most amazing time at Stereosonic (Stereosonic is a music festival that plays House, Dubstep genres) the music was great, there were thousands of people, there were drinks flowing, the sun was out, and there were guys going around spraying everyone with water pistols while we were in the crowds dancing to cool us off! It was just incredible! And I am so excited for Future (another music festival) next year! The atmosphere at these places are great! Everyone's in sync with each other because we all love the same music, and it's just a great thing to experience!

When I was choosing what I wanted to wear, I knew it would have to be a cool outfit, because it is in the middle of summer - where it can get up to 40°C (104°F) which is extraordinarily tiring! So I went with this cute crop top that I can dress up with a statement necklace, and these awesome high-waist shorts that I have been eying off for weeks now! And then, of course my favorite pair of boots, my Dr. Martens! It's not really an outfit that you can go shopping in as I dont think its socially acceptable to walk around half naked, but it is perfect for festivals/ the beach!

to see some more photos from that day, check out my instagram!
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