Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ever since I got my 5D Mark ii mum has been bugging me to get a camera bag to protect it when I'm traveling for shoots etc, and I didn't want to because camera bags are just so ugly and plain and I dont want to carry it around with me everywhere because I'd look like a tourist. So when I was shopping on my lunch I stumbled across this beauty! It is perfect for my camera. It fits my camera in perfectly and I could also fit in a few accessories, my wallet, phone, ipod and any other little things I want to take with me! It is SO much more fashionable than the average camera bag and I'm glad I stumbled across it.



  1. It looks so pretty! ♥ I want to buy a camera bag just as pretty. I don't like the plain black one I'm using right now. It just looks ugly. D: D:

    Hoping to find something like that as well for my 550D! ♥

  2. oooh it's so cute! but maybe you should put a little extra padding in case? do you have a ~legit~ camera bag? if not, i still think you need to invest in one for long distance travel or for situations where it doesn't have to look cute. (lowepro and kata make great bags)

    but i definitely know what you mean by needing a cute bag for a daily basis.....i never carry around my legit bag unless it's a shoot or travel. BEFORE YOU THROW OUT THE RECEIPT CHECK OUT THIS SITE! (camera/purse bag things!)