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Sunday, August 14, 2011

I've been looking a lot at old camera's and I really want to buy a Hassalblad but I cant find one anywhere. I nearly bought one of Etsy a few months ago but somebody bought it before I even had a chance ): so now I've got my eye on this Canon AE-1. My dad already has a Minolta in mint condition with 3 lens and over 20 filters and a fish eye and everything else in the world for it, which he kindly let me use (well, he didn't really even have a choice because I had already bought film and started using it) but I am so scared of using it in case I drop it and I just want one I can use without having to worry about it getting scratched.. but it's also a waste of money considering I have a perfectly good one here. Blehh, I hate it when I cant decided.

Anyway, I updated my blog. Tell me what you think (:


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