Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ohai guys,
it's finally Spring.. and not to mention already September :O
this year has gone incredibly fast. i've had so many good times so far and some pretty amaizng memories (:
But yeaaa, i thought i would do a Spring look for lookbook :D
with my new bag (which was on my Wishlist post) that i recieved today (:
I am inlove with it. Well i am inlove with everything i buy haha.

Oh and some big newss.. me and my friend are going to save up and go somewhere on holiday! We havent worked out all the details yet but we are starting to save as of now. And i am so excited!! i am going to be taking soooo many photos (:

ok anyway, back to the photos.. here is my lookbook look.. hype if you like :D

And here are all the other photos i've taken today. The sunset was so beautiful!! I am already enjoying Spring (:

shall post again soon, i need to find some inspiration.


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