Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello beautiful followers (:
ahhhh i'm so glad stock take is overrrr! it was so painful, i did a 10 hours shift today and i could drop dead asleep on the keyboard, but i wanted to upload these photos first and check maaa emailss.
So i'm going to try to experiment more and take photos with out having my face in them, and see what i come up with. these photos are ones i took yesterday before i went to work and while all the power was out (i woke up to having no power in the house and had absolutally nothing to do expect use stuff that didnt need electricity.. so i saw my camrea and took the chance i had without getting distracted by the internet, which by the way i was internet-less/shower-less and tv'less for 5 hours! uhhhgggg)and i really like them all. i was inspired by stefany alves and i wanted to see if i could do similar stuff.. so here they are.

tell me what you think! :D
but anyway i think thats all for tonight considering how tired i am. Goodnight lovelys.


  1. your photos are great..I love your lace top and your brooch!

  2. did you get that badge from Sportsgirl?! i bought one similar! aren't they cool?!

    see it here

    now following you! ...follow me?!

    x Your Only Blackswan