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Monday, May 19, 2014

Last week I was lucky enough to get to collaborate with the gorgeous Laura Tuton. She is such a  talented and beautiful person inside and out! During our collab we were constantly giggling and joking around and I'm so happy to say I've made a fabulous new friend out of it! In between locations and shooting for my previous post 'Winter in the City' - I took a couple of photos of her so I could put a beautiful face to this little interview I wanted to do with her. Below is a small insight to her wonderful mind, to read more - please scroll down! 

Tell us a bit about yourself in 50 words or less…
I love photography; it makes up a big part of my life. But I also like baking, I love anything vintage, and I love different cultures. My goal is to go overseas some time and do lots of journalistic style shoots.
What inspired your interest in photography?
I was studying art at school and Uni and I found myself leaning more towards photography, when I started getting more into photography I couldn't stop. I did lots of research into some amazing photographers and I'd have to say that Lara Jade is the one that inspired me at the start and still does to this day!
Tell us a bit about the best/ most exciting shoot you have done?
As a photographer and artist, it's hard to pick just one favorite photo shoot, but I have had some amazing experiences, working with well known people and even people who have never modeled before! It all is helping me move forward and grow. And I think that's the exciting part!

Have you worked with any bloggers/ celebrities or other photographers?
I have worked with some other photographers before, which is a great experience because by working together, you feed off each other, not only through knowledge and learning but also ideas and inspiration.

What do you love most about being a photographer?
I think it's capturing memories. A photograph can lift someone's spirits, warm someone's heart and be an amazing memory for a lot of people. Especially a wedding. It's the one day you are likely to forget those little touches, and through photography, we capture those little moments, and I think it's when the couple see those moments, that it makes their heart sing again! And I love experimenting with photography too, learning new editing skills and working on different lighting effects!
Who is your favorite photographer?
Lara Jade would have to be my long term favourite photographer. She inspires me. But there are many photographers out there that inspire me too. Matt & Katie Photography, The Wanderers and the Wolves, Artography, Emma Attard Photography, Kyle Thompson Photography.. I'm sure there are many more as well!

What inspires you and your work?
Experimenting, playing with editing and lighting, coming up with different ideas, working with talented people, researching..

What can’t you live without?
I'd have to say now that I'm married, my husband Geoff. We work together with our photography and videography business. He is my rock. But I'd also have to say too, my camera, my phone and my makeup.
Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years time?
I'd love to see our business really take off so we can build it into a full time career. But we would also like to go travelling as we are very much into documentary, candid, journalistic street and travel style photography. So we would love to be able to have that opportunity.
What is your  #1 tip for people who are looking at starting a career in photography?
Do lots of research into the right equipment for you. Get inspired and make a plan. Set yourself goals if that helps.
Thank you again Laura for answering these questions, it was a pleasure to shoot you (with my camera of course haha)

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  1. Thank you for an inspiring interview! She takes gorgeous pictures (and you do too)!