DIY Studded Bra

Thursday, December 29, 2011

DIY Studded Bra

Hey guys, so today while at work I got this random idea to make a studded bra! (I already had studs from awhile ago and thought they'd be perfect!)

So the things you'll need are:
Make sure you buy a thin (not padded) bra, so it'll be easier to get the studs through the material. You will be using the back end of the tweezers to push the clasps down (it will KILL your fingers after the second time) and of course, the studs!

The end result after 40mins of patience!
And a Before and after of the finished product!



  1. I love it! Does it not hurt at all when you wear it? With the metal clasps inside and all

  2. @Roco If you push the clasps in further enough you wont feel a thing! But it is very important that you do otherwise you might scratch yourself!